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Hello Beautiful!!



I am so excited to have you in the Grit & Grace Unit!! Whatever your goal, big or small, we are here to walk, jog or run with you. This unit goes beyond business, we are dreamers, doers and givers.  

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Walk: Basics

First, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy to have you in this Unit! Complete these first steps and you will earn your first gift.

  • Find your consultant ID

  • Google search "Mary Kay intouch login" 

  • Create a login

Mary Kay Intouch is where you manage your orders, production and get resources from the company.​

Take some time and explore the resources and New consultant training.

 While you are on Mary Kay Intouch create your personal website. 

Order your business cards. Mary Kay offers a promtional package with your business cards, stickers and return address stamp.

Set up Direct Deposit. This is how Mary Kay pays you once you start making a commission.

Friend me on Facebook so I can invite you to our Unit Facebook page. This is where I will post new tutorials, product information and announcements. 


Print out this layering sheet  and write down all the women you know and circle your top 5.

If you purchased a Starter Kit, go to "Event Resource" and watch the un packing video :) 




Download these three FREE apps

  • Voxer -This is how we mainly communicate, it's like a walkie talkie for your phone. Text me your Voxer Id.

  • My customer's app- This is a Mary Kay app that you can use for orders, inventory, customer orders...You will use your login in for Mary Kay Intouch for this app. 

  • Pro pay- This is the credit card processor that Mary Kay uses. 

You will need to create a login on the Pro Pay website to set this up. Once your bank account is linked you might need to wait a day or two then call Pro Pay and have them link it to your Personal Mary Kay website. ​

Send Director head shot & three facts about you, if you want to be on the website.


10min Business 101

Take a second to print this document out & watch this video. This gives a great perspective about Inventory, business 101 and getting started. 

I completed the first steps!
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Jog: Let's dig a little deeper
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
Social Media 101

Create a personal FaceBook group and invite all of your girlfriends. Be sure to send them a personal message afterward letting them know what you're up to and why they were invited.  This takes a little time but I promise you, it is worth it!! 

Sample script: " Hey Jen I just wanted to give you a heads up that I invited you to my private page for Mary Kay. I will be sharing specific product information, posting tutorials and  giveaways. You don't need to participate but if you do have any questions please reach out :)"

Soooo important to remember that personal messages are ALWAYS more effective than a mass post on any social media platform. 

Attention: Mary Kay legal is very strict on how we as consultants post on any social media platform.  You cannot have a "call to action" or list prices for products. 

MeetingsOur OUr 

Our Unit meetings are 7pm every Monday evening over Zoom. These meetings are NEVER required but are a great time to encourage each other, build our community, recognize accomplishments, get prizes, and go over training.

ID 531 016 4220         Password 145

I encourage anyone joining the meeting to fill out an IPA sheet ( income producing activities) This is a great way to track your work. Click the link to download and email me before each meeting.

*This counts toward Shopping Bucks!

"A Tracked Number Grows"

Incorrect post: "Hey girls, if anyone struggles with dark spots try our Serum Plus C for only $56 this will save you money & time" 


Correct post: "Do you struggle with dark spots?? Did you know that you could minimize them with only two products?? The Mary Kay Microdermabrasion for exfoliation and the Serum plus C to lift those spots, brighten and tighten your complexion"

Visit Resources-legal for more information

*If you have any questions reach out before you post. 

Posting: Did you know that you can schedule your posts for the week at one time?? This is a HUGE time saver. 

Note: I would find a page you like and copy their posting sequence. 

Ig: Quote, tutorial, live video 

Digital Material

Mary Kay Intouch has some amazing digital resources for us. Go to Intouch Resources- Digital Assets

Unit Challenges
Shopping Bucks OUr 

This is my FAVORITE reward. Here is how it works:

  • Download the document

  • Keep track of how many items you are able to check off, calculate your total and email me at the end of each month. 

*Must attend Seminar or Career Conference to redeem your shopping bucks.​

Give a girl the right shoes & she can conquer the world.

-Marilyn Monroe

Sales/ Taking Payments

You can take payments however you want. I suggest using an app that doesn't charge you. 

I ask my customers to use Venmo, Pay Pal, Check or Cash.

*If you use card use the ProPay app

Bank Accounts

You are not required to set up a business bank account until you start making commissions. 

I would highly suggest you at least have a separate checking & savings account. This makes things easier to keep track of sales. 

Money Management

We make 50% off of everything we sell. Every sale put 40% in your checking

50% in savings to replace what you sold

10% is for incidentals: Bags, gift wrappings, promotional material. 

SAVE ALL OF YOUR RECEIPTS to submit to your accountant at the end of the year for write offs.

Order Options

You have three order options:

  1. Place an inventory order through Intouch Ordering-online order- Create new cosmetic order (shipping is $10.95). I usually try and do a large order once a month to replace what I sold. FYI if you are ever booted out of an order, it is not lost. It is automatically saved and will be under saved orders. 

  2. Place a CDS (customer delivery service) Order, for your customer, through your My Customers App on your phone. Mary Kay will fill and ship this order on your behalf(the shipping is cheaper).

  3. Customers can order for themselves through your website. Just remember if they choose this option make sure they click the option to have Mary Kay fulfill it for them. If they click "other" you will need to fulfill it. 

If you fulfill an order from your inventory and need to ship it yourself. I recommend using Pirate Ship. This is free and saves you time and money. They give a 20% discount and all you need to do is create a label, stick it or tape it on your package and drop it off at USPS. No lines, no hassle!!

Section 1 is what counts toward production. 

Section 2 products don't count. These are samples or items used for your business. 

Run: Book-Share-Build
Finding your rythm
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The Key to a successful business is to keep consistent

Launch Event

Get your launch event booked.

This is such a great way to invite your friends and family to support you, learn how to lead an event and build your customer base quickly.

Script: Hey Jen!  I just wanted to let you know I decided to start a small business with Mary Kay. Since you have always been a huge support to me, I am reaching out for a favor... I'm hosting a kick-off event and really need an audience of friendly faces. No pressure to purchase anything!! However,  I am happy to give you a gift just for letting me borrow some of your time. Would a week night or weekend work best?

Set your Goals!

My first Two Challenges

Challenge #1    15 faces​ in 30 days

  • Use the layering sheet from your welcome packet. Set a timer for 30 minutes & reach out to as many people on your list. I set a timer because it helps me focus :)

*Your guests from your launch event count!!

Challenge #2     10 shares in 30 days

  • Here is a sample script. 

Sharing the Mary Kay story and business information is something I do with all of my customers. This does not mean you have to build a team but it:

  • Gives your customers a bigger perspective of the company. 

  • They become a great referral source for you if they come across someone who needs this opportunity. 

  • Creates loyal customers

Check out the Team Building page for more information on sharing the Mary Kay opportunity.​

First 3 shares =Earn your pearl earrings 

Next 3 shares= Earn your pearl bracelet

Recruit your first team member= Earn your pearl necklace. 


How to host a

Skin Care Event

Event Resource

I completed my first challanges!
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