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How To...

Event Rescource

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 Virtual Event 101

In-Person Events

Ideas for Themed Events

Virtual Event 101:

Step One

rFirst step is to reach out to some friends & family using this booking script as a guide. Feel free to edit it how it fits your personality best!  

Booking Script

Step Two

Nex​t, get your packets ready to drop off or mailed out. Use this as a guide.

Pirate Ship is a free service that saves you on time, has discounted shipping, and is easy to use.

To use Pirate Ship you need:

  • Scale

  • Tape measure

  • Shipping mailers 

Pamper Packet Contents

Referral Game with Closing Sheet

Choose which closing sheet you need, either the TimeWise or Repair skincare. Then print that on the back of the referral game so you're sending fewer documents.

Step Three

Watch this video before hand for your Virtual Event how to!

Step Four

Closing your event:

Skincare Agenda

Zoom Tutorial on how to do breakout rooms.

In Person Events

Opening your starter kit

Matching Foundations

How to close a party

  • Add every new customer into your MyCustomers App. Make sure you add their birthdays, email & address. Address is for our quarterly catalogs (PCP) & email you can send out e cards through Mary Kay Intouch.



Special events/ Holiday

Hostess Promotion

Breast Cancer Awareness: Hand out breast exam cards with samples at gyms.

Pink Friday: Send out info 1 week before, 2days & 1 day. Set your discount, create your bundles. 



Shake up your Makeup

  • Guests bring their makeup bags.

  • Have them dump it out on the table

  • Sort through what they, love, not sure why they have it & what they need.

                 $1K Day

  • Text or mail instructions 1 week out

  • Remind 2 days out

  • Remind 1 day out (post count down on private FB page).

  • Create a private FB page. Personally message each invite and let them know why you invited them and about your 1k event. 

  • The day before post a  live video explaining the event. 

  • Create bundles to post on the hour every hour. Schedule them the day before. Don't forget to include some live videos.

  • Create and post a grid with 10 sections. Each section represents $100. Every amount you hit, color that in and post throughout the day so your customers know where you are at in sales. 

  • Thank your customers at the end when you have your 1k day!

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