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 Third-party Resources-Problem Solving-Documents

Pink Printing:

This is a third pary company that doesn't work for Mary Kay but they have some really cute materials.



IPA Sheets     

Layering Sheet

Shoe Bucks 

Girl Boss Consistency Club

Problem Solving:

If I am not available, feel free to reach out on our FB page and see if another consultant can help you or call Mary Kay customer service. 

1(800) 272-9333 

Digital Flyers:

My go to is Canva this is so easy to use and it's free. Check out this tutorial. 

Fed Ex Printing:

Mary Kay Consultants get  a big prinitng discount with Fed Ex. 

  • Go To Intouch

  • Business Tools

  • FedEx Office


Product Returns

Returns need to be made as soon as you get the product back from your customer. See the video below for step by step instructions. 

You will need:

  • Name

  • Phone number or email

  • Product number

  • Day code

How to do a Product Return

*You can only exchange the returned product for the same thing or you can pick a different item that is $2.50 max difference. You cannot exchange for money.

Mary Kay Basic Term Glossary:

Court of Sharing: 24 qualified team members in a Mary Kay year

Mary Kay year: July 1st-June 30th

Qualified team member: Placing a 600+ order

Court of Sales: Accumulative $40,000 RETAIL within a MK year

Princess Court of Sales/Grit and Grace court of sales: Accumulative $20,000 Retail

Star Consultant: Consultant who places a $1,800 order with the quarter.

First quarter: June16th-September 15th

Second quarter: September 16th-December 15th

Third quarter: December 16th-March15th

Forth quarter: March 16th- June 15th

All Star Consultant: Made Star all four quarters

Red Jacket: Consultants who have 3+ active team members

Activation: Placing a $225 order activates consultants for 3 months, outside that 3 months without placing an order is an inactive team member.

DIQ: Consultant with 10+ team members. They have 4 months to get 24 members

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