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Red Jacket

Team Building: Book-Share-Build

Red Lights

How you view sharing the story & business opportunity is how it will be precieved. 

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What is Red Jacket:

Red Jacket is the first leadership achievement. Whether or not you want to move past this mark is up to you but I would highly encourage everyone to have a couple of team members.


3 New ACTIVE Team Members


  • 4-8% commission off of your team

  • $100 bonus from Mary Kay Corporate

  • Red Stilettos from Monique

  • Receive special recognition at MK events

You can share with anyone but sharing with customers who have already experienced the product is best.

Step 1: See faces. We have three Facebook events each week that you can invite customers too. Take advantage 

Monday 8:15pm MST

Thursday 6pm MST

Saturday 9am MST  * Text me to invite you so you can share the event info with your customers. 

Step 2: Share the story

Step 3: Get referrals 


Script for Facebook Events:

Hey Megan! Some freinds and I have been hosting Mary Kay product tutorials each week and I thought you would want to be included. They are only 30minutes long and give a quick demo & explination of some of our new products.  I would need to send you the invite link so let me know if Monday, Wednesday or Saturday works best! P.S I will have a gift for you, just for letting me borrow your time :) 


I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. Let your users get to know you.

Sharing Events:

  • Every Thursday evening @ 6:30 pm MST is a Zoom sharing call with our areas multi-million dollar National Sales Director, Monique Balboa.

  • I am happy to do a personal Sharing call with you and a customer.

New Team Member:

Signing up a new team member: Two options​

  1. You can do it for them either in person or over the phone.

  2. Email them the link. You will need their email & phone number

Bustiness tools- Online Agreements​

  • If they were a previous consultant, they will need their former consultant ID. If they don't have it,  your Director will need to call Corporate and get it for them. Please provide their birth date & first and last name that they were registered under. 

  • If they were a previous consultant who returned the product there are additional steps they will need to take. Contact your Director for further instructions. 

Next Steps:

Once they are signed up, congratulate them!! 

I will mail them a New Consultant Packet. While they wait they can go through the "first steps" on the New Consultant page. Have them either

  • Listen to Monique's Business 101 call 

  • Watch the 10min video on the New Consultant page. 

Script: Yay!! Congrats on your new business!!! Your first step is to listen to the Business 101 recording. Go to and click the Business 101 link towards the top of the page. The password is "awesome"

The recording is about 45 minutes and goes over different ways to work this business, as well as tax advantages and other important info!

It starts big and goes small, and it may not all apply to you, but is great to listen to all of it so you learn more about the business you just started. 

I'm so excited to have you on my team and part of this amazing group of women."

  • Set up a welcome call with me.

  • Have them fill out the  "Product planning worksheet in their "Ready Set Sell" brochure that came in the starter kit. Attached is the form just in case they didn't order the starter kit.





  • Add them to our Unit FaceBook page

  • Announce them to our Unit

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